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Passion and love

Nomad`s House

Our focus point is the sea, we are located only 70m from it. Here, east of Paros, the past and present of the coastal village of Logaras is closely connected to it.


While designing and constructing Nomad’s House in 2016, we ensured that the architecture is defined by the natural environment: the sea, the sun, the wind and the island’s heritage. Basic geometric shapes, constructed from local white stone, form five buildings with 10 separate guest areas, sheltered galleries, bridges, corridors and inner courtyards. A bright and extroverted structure under the sun.


For the interiors, we used natural materials such as wood and stone, and the furnishings were custom designed especially for the needs of each space. The gardens are full of fresh culinary herbs and plants.


This is a tribute to the sea, the landscape of Paros island, the old Swedish band called “Nomads” and the people that once occupied the same space. Nomad’s House invites you to experience the other side of the island, where the sun rises.