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East of Paros

The coastal settlement of Logaras is situated southeast of Paros town, also called Parikia. It is a fishing village with rich waters, adjacent to the picturesque harbour of Piso Livadi. Tourism has developed slowly here over the last decades, without spoiling the authentic character of the area. Logaras beach, one of the most famous beaches on the island, has fine sand, turquoise waters and is surrounded by trees. Along the beach you can find quiet tavernas and traditional coffee houses, perfectly matching the area’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Logaras is only 1km away from Marpissa, a picturesque village with many permanent residents, a market and other amenities. The traditional village of Marpissa is ideal for wondering around the cobbled streets and public squares and is connected to the famous Byzantine trail, known as the “Byzantine Road”. The trail is 5.5km long and connects Marpissa with the villages of Prodromos and Lefkes. The trail is paved with marble slabs and enables you to get acquainted with the natural environment of the island.


At the foot of Marpissa and only 500 metres from Nomad’s, you can find Piso Livadi, a coastal settlement with a small harbour for fishing boats. The waterfront offers a selection of popular restaurants, cafés and bars.


The beaches on the east side of the island are popular with visitors that enjoy the exciting world of water sports such as wind surfing, kite surfing etc. Golden Beach (the largest beach on the island), Punda Beach and New Golden Beach (where the international wind surfing championship takes place) are the most famous beaches, but not the only ones on the east side.


You can access Logaras using the local bus service that connects the village with Naousa, Parikia and most other places on the island. Buses run frequently and until the early hours of the morning. The bus stop is situated only 150 metres from our lodgings.


We believe that there’s no better corner on the island for travellers. All they need to bring is a free spirit.


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